Daughter of Michelangelo Riverhead Chef is a Star in the Making

Daughter of Michelangelo Riverhead Chef is a Star in the Making

In a recent article in Riverhead News Review entitled “Who says a child can’t cook a five-star meal”?, they interviewed Chef Paul of Michelangelo Riverhead. But, the twist was it was about his 4-year old daughter, a prodigy in the kitchen. 

It seems appropriate too since Paul Zoufaly himself is a self-taught chef.

According to Riverhead News Review:

Stephanie Zoufaly may be one of the youngest newcomers in the culinary scene: At age 4, she’s already capable of crafting complex dishes with guidance from her father and professional chef, Paul.

Chef Paul and daughter StephanieFather and daughter appeared together on the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show “The Doctors,” which aired February 2020  after producers took note of her Instagram account. According to Paul, he used to share what Stephany was up to with family and friends. Suddenly, he is getting texts asking “What is Stephanie cooking today?”

“Next thing I know, I was getting like 15 texts a day, ‘What’s Stephanie eating tonight?’ ” he said. “Instead of getting all these texts, we set up an Instagram.”

In the past two years, this 4-year old has gained 350 followers.


You can read the full story and interview quotes on Riverhead News Review here.

Michelangelo Riverhead has made changes in the recent month, with the assistance of Eddie Fahmy, President of A2Z Restaurant Consultanting.

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