Chef Paul


Without any formal training, this self-taught Chef and “foodie” has managed to draw a crowd.


Michelangelo of Riverhead chef
Chef Paul Zoufaly


Chef Paul Zoufaly’s deep appreciation for Italian cuisine was developed at a young age. Born in Queen, he grew up on Long Island, New York, where he was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel his lifelong passion for cooking.

He began his culinary career at the age of 15, working at a local pizzeria as a dishwasher and then worked his way up to “prep guy” where he started to experiment with various dishes of pasta and chicken. He continued his passion at home with Sunday dinner for his family. Because Paul’s mom didn’t enjoy cooking, he took the reins, inspired to create different meals.

Christmas feasts became an annual tradition for him, cooking for his family and friends. His love for food continued and by age 21, Paul became a Sous Chef at an Italian Restaurant, where at the age of 26, he was running his first kitchen. He created his own dishes while still following old-world recipes, which he has brought to Michelangelo of Riverhead. These include his oreganata breadcrumbs that he crafts in the kitchen daily.

When Chef Paul Zoufaly is not in the kitchen at Michelangelo, you’ll likely find him in his home kitchen teaching his daughter Stephanie, who enjoys the art of cooking along his side.